Forklift-ке арналған күрек

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Forklift-ке арналған күрек


Material Shovel can be used for steel and aluminum smelting company can achieve long-range, high-temperature environment of security operations.


Hydraulic system: hydraulic motor with a well-known foreign company's products; Rotary Manifold Seals are imported in the company's products.
Құрылымдық бөліктер: үлкен модульді, жүк көтергіштігі бар подшипниктер; құрт пен құрт тіс профилін қамтиды, тиімділікті арттырады, жылу шығынын азайтады, сонымен қатар өзін-өзі құлыптау қасиетіне қол жеткізеді.
Mechanical performance: the rotation of hydraulic oil on the road with two-way self-locking, ensuring safety at work.


①Obtain the actual capacity of the forklift and attachments from the forklift manufacturer,
②One/Two sets additional oil circuit required on forklift
③Please contact the sales from HUAMAI

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Орналасқан қысқа қол немесе бекітілген қысқа қол
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Арнайы төсеніштер, резеңке төсеніш, полиуретанды төсеніш


Handling loose and free-flowing material like dry sand, stones, salt, fertilizer, dry chemicals, grain, etc.

Features and benefits:

Shovel is constructed from 6 mm steel plate.
Loading edge is sharp, straight line or toothed.
Dumping cylinders are enclosed for protection.
Mounting / removal is easy, with just 3 bolts.
Shovel has a 300 forward tilt to ensure full discharge of load.
Full control on shovel movement ensures dumping at desired rate.